The SMD production is at high standards.

all components is marked with barcode labels which is scanned and identified by our Quality-Guidance-system. The system gives usefull information regarding the component and tells exactly where to place the feeder with the scanned component on. It also keep count on the components and secures that all components are used in the selected program.

When a feeder is empty, new component rolls are scanned so that the system can keep track on used compnonts in process, this insures no faulty montage problems. By the time the monatge of components is done, all products are visual controlled for misfits and to be 100% failsafe, the products are run trough one of our AOI.

The Vision system Vi- 3000 from Vi Technology uses video technics when searching for faulties, right component placements and usage. If the product has any failures it's reported to a database and the product is placed in Touht up position, where the operator is able to solve the problem and optimize the line for further runnigs.

At the end the product is runned trough the soldering oven, a soldering profil for the product brings absolute accuracy for the soldering.

The product is done and ready for supply, but just before we ship anything out, we give it a last check up and inspection just to be absolute sure, that the product you get is top quality.

Digitale instrumenter
Scanning of component rolls

Vi-3000 AOI vision system

Products ready for soldering

All done by IPC A-610 KL3